Wow! Wow!

Clover’s cloud-based platform means You can manage your store inventory, see reporting and back-office information from your Clover device or from your own computer – anytime, anywhere

Security Features

Every Clover devices comes with Clover Security, which provides tokenization and encryption with every swipe, giving You the peace of mind your customers Transactions / Data are protected

Not to Worry You’re Covered with Offline Transactions

Clover supports offline transactions, so Your Business can accept Credit Cards even when there’s a situation that the internet goes down.

Depending on the device, Clover offers WiFi, Ethernet and 3G/4G data connectivity

24 - 7 Customer Support

That’s right, The Clover Support team is available 365 days a year, 24 hours / 7 days a week all Clover call centers are based in the continental US

Quick and Easy Setup

You can setup Clover Complete System in under 15 minutes Devices come out of the box configured and ready to take payments with a simple setup!

Personalize Your Way!

Each Clover device comes pre-installed with a variety of essential tools, but you can customize further with over 400+ third-party applications from the Clover App Market to solve specific business needs

Extras Equipment Available!

Clover supports a variety of peripherals and accessories as well, including kitchen printers, handheld scanners, weight scales, and more

It’s All in the Cloud

If You don’t have your device, or the portable terminal is misplaced, You’ll never lose you data – All the information is stored and can be accessed from any other Clover device or your personal computer